Giants Recap: Nothin’ Brings ‘Em Out Like a Three-Run Dong Every Once In Awhile!

Anywhere in the vicinity of the plate is where we want this guy. (photo: Adam Jackson/flickr)

You know, easy wins give me relatively little in the way of copy. So you get bullet points! It was either that or I babble about my love affair with Buster Posey’s swing and his pitch framing while drinking three more beers and eating a box of Ding Dongs, and I respect you all and myself too much for that.

  •  #SFGiants’ @BusterPosey’s HR to RF was just the 14th time a right-handed Giant has hit an opposite field HR at AT&T Park. It was Posey’s 2nd.

    Let that sink in for a minute. In almost twelve seasons, a right-handed Giant has only hit a shot like that fourteen times, and in barely more than a full season played, two of them were Buster Posey. There is never enough gratitude to heap on the universe for the fact that we have him back, whole and healthy and productive.
  • Ryan Vogelsong, speaking of things we should be thanking whatever deity you deem appropriate for, had another solid outing. Even when he doesn’t seem like he has his best stuff to start out, he guts through it in a way that you just don’t always see. Long may the Vogeltron reign.
  • The second stage act for the actual baseball game tonight was the umpiring. First a catch/trap call gets over turned, resulting in one more run and an RBI for Brandon Crawford, and then Crawford has a double overturned because he “didn’t touch” first base. The resulting ejection was pretty classic, if only because it’s nice to see that fire.
  • George Kontos’ no-dot slider is on its way to Romo status if he keeps it up. This is a thing I like.
  • Pablo Sandoval played first base tonight. Messages are mixed on how often that might happen. Welp.



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