Giants Recap: Double the Play, Double the Brandon

Brandon Belt. (Photo: SD Dirk/flickr)

Today, the Giants managed to win a game that seemed destined to go to extras in nine innings. I don’t know how, but it happened.

It was boring for the most part, I’ll have to admit. Edinson Volquez was not particularly great, but for the Padres, it helped that the Giants’ offense was on his side.

Madison Bumgarner, well, this wasn’t his best outing but he hung in there and only gave up two runs in seven innings, walking two, and striking out nine.

Then, the double plays.

From Brandon Crawford to Ryan Theriot to Pablo Sandoval, a hell of a double play was turned.

Unfortunately, Sandoval strained his hamstring on that play and had to leave the game. Brandon Belt came in to replace him.

Top of the 8th, Carlos Quentin flew out to left-center and it looked like it was going to be extra bases, but then SUPER CONTRADICTORY NAME MAN LEAPS INTO ACTION!

From there, Pagan throws to Crawford, who throws to Belt, and then HUZZAH! Chase Headley was doubled off!

Then you head to the bottom of the 9th.

Brandon Belt — SHOCKINGLY — drew a walk to get on base. Then Pagan hit a single.

And also, oops, a passed ball by Yasmani Grandal.

That was followed up with a base hit from Crawford and gasp the Giants actually won it in nine innings!

Sometimes, this team can’t be explained.


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