Giants Are Competent, Acquire Scutaro

This was a thing that just happened.

Charlie Culberson was regarded as a mid-level prospect, especially after a good year in A+ San Jose, where he hit .292/.342/.457 with a .355 wOBA. However, he has not been able to put up any numbers close to that since then. Culberson’s defense has been average, but nothing that would blow people away.

Marco Scutaro has been above replacement level this season. He’s hitting .271/.324/.359 with a wOBA of.302 and an ISO of .088 and can play second base and shortstop, which is something the Giants absolutely need right now.

The Giants don’t appear to be giving up a lot for an above-average starting middle infielder and it’s certainly an upgrade over Brandon Crawford or Ryan Theriot.

This may also mean that Emmanuel Burriss actually gonna go.

All in all, a very decent trade.

And now back to the Giants game.


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