Giants Acquire Hunter Pence From Phillies

This finally happened after the fake trades and the reports that it wasn’t true are true.

And. It’s not necessarily a bad deal.

Hunter Pence is a slightly better hitter than Nate Schierholtz, who, by some reports, officially requested a trade yesterday. The Phillies need an outfielder after dealing away both Pence and Shane Victorino*. Schierholtz is, of course, MLB ready.

As for the two prospects involved: Tommy Joseph is a plus catcher, obviously. However, he’ll probably be major league ready within the next two seasons. He wouldn’t have been able to even think about getting the starting job in San Francisco because Buster Posey exists**.

Like Britt said on twitter, one of the catching prospects was going to be a trade chip and it’s just a question of when.

Seth Rosin is 23 and has basically played a level a year. Currently, he was pitching for A+ San Jose with a  3.18 FIP, 10.86 K/9, 2.88 BB/9, 0.96 HR/9, .301 BABIP, .226 AVG, 3.78 K/BB. And also, he was the owner of a 4.31 ERA***.

There’s a reason that is keeping Rosin down in A+, and the Giants are rather good at scouting their pitchers. If there’s one thing I trust the Giants to do, it’s evaluate pitchers.

If Rosin was going to be a level a year type of guy, he may not be a major league ready reliever until he’s 25 or 26. Not something that the Giants could count on if he were on the path of being a major league ready reliever.

In addition: TINSTAAPP. Or, There Is No Such Thing As A Pitching Prospect.

In any case, when it comes to pitchers, I don’t doubt the Giants.

Overall, an okay trade. Not one that creates a lot of shock, but also not something completely disappointing or an overpay.

*Victorino is a Dodger. I cannot think of a better match of evil.
**And boy, are we all glad Buster Posey exists and is a Giant.
***This may further show why ERA is a flawed statistic.


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