Giants Recap: Giants Not Metsy Enough To Lose

dat curveball (Photo by -nanio-/Flickr)

The Giants could’ve messed up somehow, but they didn’t.

When the bases were loaded in the top of the 7th with two out, Tim Lincecum threw a beautiful changeup — struck out David Wright looking. It kept the score at 3-1 Giants and, man. That pitch was beautiful.

Timmy went seven innings, gave up only one run, walked one, struck out seven. This is with Buster Posey behind the plate.

If this is supposed to be any indication that Timmy and Posey don’t get along, I sure as hell ain’t buying it.

There were some defensive snafus, but nothing that was of consequence in the end. Which was nice, after all the nerve-wracking pitches that came before it, of course. Gosh darn it, that was stressful.

There was also a bunt single from Melky Cabrera. Is there anything he can’t do?

Wait, never mind, I can’t hear you over his current wRC+ of 147.

All in all, still not the time to say that Timmy is back, but a good start is always encouraging. And this whole narrative that says Posey should not catch Timmy is complete and utter dung and should be killed with an alien’s laser ship.

Tomorrow, Matt Cain faces Jon Niese and yours truly will be in attendance for Hunter Pence’s Giants debut. Should be something interesting, if anything.


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