Giants Recap: Mets Out-Giants The Giants Who Mets’d

What Giants baseball does to fans. (MS Paint illustration by Mac)

This was a game in which both teams tried to hand the game to each other, but no one took it.

This was a game in which both teams tried to be worse than the other team, and it kept going on.

Sergio Romo was not his best, but that’s no reason to panic. But people will.

Santiago Casilla was still himself, so that’s nothing new.

The Giants offense proved themselves to be somehow competent enough to score seven runs, but they still lost. They also left 15 men on base, which is not entirely encouraging.

And also, Scott Hairston. Man, what does a gal have to do to never see this guy face the Giants again? Those two home runs were downright annoying.

But in the end, this game is up there in frustrating levels like the one against the Braves. That a game equally, if not more, that frustrating occurred again in the same season — let alone the same month — is complete and utter clownshoes.

At least the Giants are good at that*.

Hey, the trade deadline’s in a little more than 12 hours from now. That’s gonna be swell**.

*stocking up on Excedrin Migraine and Headache and ice cream
**more Excedrin Migraine and Headache will be necessary


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