Giants Recap: A Sweep! An Actual Sweep!

It could be because the Rockies are just a horrible team. Or maybe it’s just Coors.

But damn it all if this wasn’t a fun series to watch.

Tim Lincecum was not the best, but he also was not his 2012 self, so that is good. Six innings, five hits, one run, five walks, three strikeouts. Less walks and more strikeouts would’ve been nice, but this is Coors and beggars can’t be choosers, I suppose.

Miguel Cabrera. Man. He’s been fun to watch this season, hasn’t he? Throwing out runners, hitting home runs, being a general trollface. He went 2-for-5 with three runs scored and a stolen base. And that outfield assist. Melky, you guys. Melky.

And Hunter Pence wasn’t too shabby today — also going 2-for-5, but with three RBI. Maybe that’s just what the Giants need right now. Heck, that’s what the Giants need all the time: a guy who’s got good stats and is not Aaron Rowand in the outfield.

I could try to understand how they managed to score over thirty runs this weekend, but maybe it’s best to not understand it. Maybe it should just be reveled in and understood as, “Hey. It’s a thing that the Giants might be capable of doing from time to time.”

If only it was also a constant thing against teams not named the Rockies and at parks not named Coors Field.


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