Series Preview: Giants vs. Rockies

So, the last time the Giants faced the Rockies, it was in Colorado. And a boatload of runs were scored by the Giants. It could’ve been a combination of it being Coors and the Rockies being horrible this season, but who knows? And no Giants fan would be complaining, I would think.

Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, and Barry Zito will be starting in this series. They will not face Jonathan Sanchez, who is on the disabled list for suckitis left bicep tendinitis. Man, that brings back memories of 2011.

The last homestand was awful, but their road trip was not: they went 5-2 and managed to collect 84 hits and score 57 runs. I did not even know it was possible for the Giants to do that, but there you have it. Whether or not they manage to do the same thing at home remains the question.

I’ve heard that it’s possible Pablo Sandoval will be activated from the disabled list this Sunday, with his rehab in San Jose starting tonight. So, all shall see what happens there.

Oh, and it’s #PerfectCain tribute night. Because everyone needs more Matt Cain in their lives.

That was totally serious. Matt Cain should rule all and everything.


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