Making Sense Of The Melky Cabrera News

What happens now in the days following Melky Cabrera’s suspension from baseball? (Photo: Keith Allison/flickr)

I’ve been sitting at my computer trying to find the right words to say about the news.

I’m shocked and angry and, obviously, this isn’t something anyone wanted to hear in the middle of August with less than 50 games left to play.

I found out through the multiple texts I received. It could’ve just been a couple of non-Giants fans wanting to play a joke on me and, hey, fine, whatever. I’ll get back at them with a joke on them. But it wasn’t. The texts were from Giants fans.

Flip the channel to MLB Network, hop on the computer to get on Twitter. There was nothing pleasant to see.

This was nothing like learning that Guillermo Mota was suspended for 100 games for taking a PED. That was Guillermo Mota, a player who’s easily replaceable in the bullpen and even more so because he wasn’t off to a great start. The PED in question was an ingredient in children’s cough syrup.

It read more like a joke than anything else. Mota? Suspended for children’s cough syrup? Second offense? Is this The Onion?

It’s not like that this time.

It’s fair to say that Melky Cabrera wasn’t smart about taking testosterone.

It was a stupid move and he got caught. He admitted to his mistake and apologized.

Admitting and apologizing is a good step — no lies, no covering up. It’s rather respectable.

It still doesn’t undo what happened, though.

There’s really no reason behind why he did it, because we just don’t know. Did anyone see this coming? Maybe a couple of people out there, but not really.

You think back to a few weeks ago, when CSN’s Andrew Baggarly apologized for addressing a rumor a Twitter user had brought up. The rumor was regarding Cabrera failing a drug test.

Cabrera shot down the rumors, Baggs apologized for even asking.

It’s hard to not think back to that now.

Am I still a fan of Cabrera right now? To put it simply: I don’t know.

I don’t know if this is something that could be easy to make sense of; I don’t know if it’s that easy to still be a fan in the wake of a betrayal such as this, if you consider such as a betrayal; I don’t know if I should still be a fan because I am still a Barry Bonds fan, despite his own PED use; I don’t know what this means for the Giants and the rest of the season; and, I don’t know what this means for Cabrera.

There’s a lot of uncertainty that surrounds this. It’s easy to only look at this as if it’s only got two sides, but  it’s not simple. Clear cut, it was the wrong thing for Cabrera to do. The consequences, we just don’t know.

In a season where it seemed as if the Giants finally managed to put together a good offense, it falls apart with no doubts — Cabrera admitted his faults, so there’s no appeal. He admitted what he did wrong, so there’s no point in fighting it.

With just a month and a half left in the season and a team in the midst of a pennant chase, what do you do now? The star outfielder is out for the rest of the season and then some because of a mistake made by said star outfielder.

The no. 3 hitter in the lineup just disappears like that, leaving so many questions as to who’s going to take his spot in the lineup, who’s going to take his spot in the outfield, how this will affect the Giants’ run production — will it affect it enough to cause doubt in the Giants’ chances for the pennant?

I wish it were simple to understand — what’s happened and what will happen.

You could be cautiously optimistic with the team. Pablo Sandoval is back in the lineup; Buster Posey is still Buster Posey, thank goodness; the outfield will probably have Gregor Blanco, Angel Pagan, and Hunter Pence; and there are some options in Fresno, though none can even match up to Cabrera’s production this season.

There’s always the possibility that this team can fight their way through the standings and stay at the top.

But with that same possibility, there’s that chance it doesn’t happen.

We just don’t know.


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