Giants Recap: Some Runs And Contradiction

Tim Lincecum was decidedly decent on the mound. Wasn’t exactly the good ol’ Timmy going the distance with double digit strikeouts, but, hey, 5.2 innings and only giving up one run and one walk? Good enough this season!

Then there’s that Angel Pagan guy. He was pretty decent tonight. I mean, 3-for-5 with an RBI and an outfield assist that led to A.J. Ellis being thrown out at home? No big deal for the Contradictory Name Man.

And that Buster Posey, he can drive two runs in on a day off from catching! What a swell guy.

The Giants are now 1.5 games up on the Dodgers, which is always a nice thing to hear.

And it’s also pleasant to yell out, “THE BUMS LOST.” Two nights in a row.

Make it three days in a row, Giants. Make it three.


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