How To Deal With A Rivalry Game On ESPN

BEAT LA (Photo: Jill Clardy/Flickr)

So the Giants are on national TV once again. Awesome. Cool. Fire up the radio and try to get it to sync with the TV. Not a problem.

Oh, this time it’s the Giants vs. Dodgers game.

And what if the radio can’t sync with the TV?

Doom, doom, doom. Amirite?

But fear not, because it could be worse. I mean, a booth of Tim McCarver, Eric Karros, and Joe Morgan may exist and call the Giants game. (NO ONE MAKE THIS HAPPEN. PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF PAC BELL PARK, PLEASE DON’T MAKE IT HAPPEN.)

There’s always the option of just listening to it on the radio, which is cool. Hey, you’ve got some of the best announcers in baseball all in the booth on the every trusty option, so that’s never a bad thing. And if it is a bad thing, I probably wouldn’t want to associate with you.

I wouldn’t recommend playing a drinking game with the ESPN broadcast. Can you imagine how much of a disaster it would end up being since the game is at 5:05 p.m.? SHADOWS, SHADOWS EVERYWHERE.

That wouldn’t lead to a productive Monday morning in September. I’m just sayin’.

You could always just ignore the game completely. I don’t know if it would be worth missing a rivalry game down the stretch in the season, with the division title still up for grabs despite the decent lead.


Barry Zito is pitching. Against Clayton Kershaw.

Should I fire up the Twitter machine already to declare the game over or do the Giants still have a chance right now? There’s still a couple of hours before the first pitch is thrown, so there’s time to decide whether or not one pitch declares the season over.

So how do you deal with this to save your sanity?

  1. Avoid overreacting.
  2. Breathe into a paper bag.
  3. Find an inanimate object to punch if the game gets frustrating.
  4. Yell at the TV.
  5. And then remember to try to not overreact.
  6. Take a walk.
  7. Ignore the game.
  8. Make fun of the ESPN broadcasters.
  9. Listen to Jon Miller and Dave Flemming.
  10. Remind yourself that there’s still the rest of the month full of baseball.

It’s up to you folks — it might be some game to watch, it might. Just don’t die.

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