Series Preview: Giants vs. Padres

With the magic number down to three, the Giants will be trying their hardest to clinch the NL West this weekend — or at least, a playoff berth.

This weekend marks the last regular season weekend series the Giants will have at AT&T Park. They face the San Diego Padres, who have long since been eliminated from playoff contention.

Hey — at least there’s no Mat Latos to face this year. But also no Jonathan Sanchez around to hit triples off of Latos.

But the Giants have been running as strong as they can and are 10 games up on the Dodgers.

The only question left is whether or not they’ll be able to keep this up throughout the playoffs, should they make it far.

The focus this weekend, though, will be on aiming to clinch and keeping a good lead on the Dodgers.

Willie Mac Award winner Buster Posey has been making a case to be MVPosey this year, with good reason. Tonight, he’ll be honored in a ceremony and presented with the award.

Ryan Vogelsong, Madison Bumgarner, and Tim Lincecum will be starting for the Giants in this series.

The Padres have been the Good Padres as of late, which is rather similar to the Bad Padres of this past season.

You could say that the Giants have a chance to clinch this weekend. But it’s the Giants and anything is possible. Would be great to see the clinch happen as soon as possible, but they just need to keep winning.


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