Giants Recap: Bochy Tries to Lose. Fails. Buster Posey Does Not.

On the surface, today was your fairly run of the mill baseball game. The Giants won. Zito was acceptable. The outcome wasn’t really all that important in terms of the W-L record, but it was in a number of small ways.

Buster Posey thanks you for helping him protect America from hung breaking balls. (Image via the fine folks at McCovey Chronicles.)

  • Bochy played a round of “how many places can I weaken the defense and still score more runs than the other team”, and he won. This time. Let’s all pray that the parade of less than ideal defensive alignment plus the ever present looming of Bad Zito today was enough to remind Bochy that this team was built around pitching, defense, and speed, and that weakening those, especially in MULTIPLE places, is not a good plan.
  • Buster Posey is now your NL batting title leader*. Whether you think traditional stats are particularly useful or not, you can’t deny that hitting 100 RBI and winning the batting title goes a long way towards his MVP resume in the minds of a lot of voters. (*If you grant that Melky can take himself out of the running for a statistical title and not a voted award, of course.)
  • Matt Cain said he wants another parade. The universe does not deny Matt Cain, so I’m feeling pretty good about the Giants’ chances as they prepare for the NLDS.

The Giants head to Southern California to wrap up their regular season, before (most likely) heading home next week to start their division series against (most likely) the Reds.


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