NLDS Game Recap: Cool Story Bro

We all know that feel, Madison. (Flickr/bsv1990)

The Giants were being perfect game’d for almost five innings by the winner of the future Bronson Arroyo award for best pitcher/musican combo, Bronson Arroyo (who will narrowly beat out Barry Zito for the obscure and inconsequential award).

Let that sink in.

No, really.

Bronson Arroyo.

Thank Brandon Belt for ending that $%!#.

When the highest point of the game is the prospect of an Aubrey Huff home run, there’s really nothing to say.

It’s easy to say that the Giants are done this postseason. Being down 0-2 and heading to the bandbox that is Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, there’s just very little hope for the team.

Simply, the Giants were awful. They made Bronson Arroyo look like the best pitcher in MLB. Where are they supposed to go from there?

Oh, hey, yeah, make the run deficit even worse by just going through the revolving door of relievers and give up runs and runs and runs.

That’ll totally make things better.

It doesn’t look like the Giants can be a team where things can only go up. They look beaten down and out of it. They’re on the brink of elimination and they seem to have accepted that.

Can they go up? Can they stage a comeback big enough to make it to the NLCS?

Meh. Being realistic seems much more reasonable than optimistic at this point. It would be great for them to come back, but.

Man, tonight was just awful.


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