NLDS Game Recap: Never In Doubt. Right?

YOU STAY THERE (Flickr/-nanio-)

That game went better than expected.

It was long, but the Giants actually won.

Shocking, eh?

And they scored eight runs.

No, that is not a typo.

Angel Pagan hit a leadoff home run, Gregor Blanco hit a home run in the 2nd, Pablo Sandoval hit a home run in the 7th. Someone must’ve pushed the dingerz.exe button today.

Barry Zito only lasted 2 2/3 innings and walked four, which seemed to be classic Zito. That was also a problem because that many walks in that many innings — three of which were back to back — brought up the “LOL ZITO” flashing sign.

But the bullpen got him out of it — hooray!

Tim Lincecum pitched like the Timmy of old. He went 4 1/3 innings, gave up two hits and a run, but walked none and struck out six.

It could’ve been worse. It could’ve been the Tim everyone saw this season, which would’ve ended up being a disaster the way Zito pitched. But instead, it was a solid contribution that helped lead the Giants to a win.

Tomorrow’s game five: win or go home. Matt Cain’s on the mound against Mat Latos. It’s a Matt vs. Mat battle and only one will advance.


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