NLCS Game Recap: Awful On Top Of Failure

Giants, left, is defeated by baseball, right. (Illustration by Mac)

Just how awful was it?

Well, if you’re going by the way everyone talked about the game, it was over the minute Tim Lincecum threw his first pitch.

And I’m going to be straight up honest here: I totally napped throughout the last five or six innings of the game. I can’t even figure it out. That’s probably a good idea in retrospect. It was that bad.

It was the kind of bad where you wish you were watching another game instead except then you realize, “This is the only series that’ll be on until the World Series starts.”

And you feel like you’re going to bang your head against a wall. But don’t do that. That’s not gonna end well. The Giants are already that much of a headache.

The moment anyone announces “Hector Sanchez will be starting at catcher tonight,” a red alert goes off. The moment Bruce Bochy doesn’t put his best lineup available in the game, there is just no excuse for the imminent loss.

But you can’t seem to take Bochy’s toys away when you’re just sitting in front of a computer screen.

I don’t even know what else to say about this game. Other than it was awful, terrible, horrible, every single synonym for the worst, and a bunch of expletives.

Game five tomorrow. Elimination’s on the line. Barry Zito’s pitching.

May Cy the bulldog save us all.


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