The Giants Are Going To The ‘Ship

Game six, last of the ninth — AT&T Park showing some of that electric feel in the crowd. (Jen Mac Ramos)

Down three games to one. Your team’s got Barry Zito going for them on the mound in an elimination game.

That’s the end of that, right? No hope, no positive thoughts, no nothing.

Then something happened. You could say it’s because the Giants had luck on their side. Maybe #RallyZito had some magic in it. The fans were actually loud enough. Who knows? But the Giants had it these last three games.

Barry Zito made good. Two years ago, he was left off the postseason roster. This year, he started the biggest game of his life and came out strong.

Ryan Vogelsong made good. Just a few years ago, he was pitching in Japan and then he was starting game six with the Giants’ hopes on the line. And he went out and pitched strong.

Marco Scutaro, traded from the Red Sox to the Rockies in the offseason, then to the Giants in the middle of the season for a minor league shortstop and some cash. A trade that was a steal. Now, he’s the NLCS MVP.

Hunter Pence, the centerpiece of the big trade the Giants made this season. He hasn’t been hitting as well as everyone expects, but he brought the speeches and brought the team into a mindset that brought some kind of magic. Then, he had the bat-breaking double that let the flood of runs in.

Maybe it’s not the narrative everyone expected. It is a narrative, that’s for certain. Just an out of ordinary one.

But with the Giants, what isn’t out of ordinary?

Going into the series, the Cardinals were terrifying. A team that came back to beat the Nationals by scoring what seemed like a billion runs? Sure, go ahead, Giants, go face that.

Me? I was hiding behind large objects that obstructed my view because how do you deal with nervewracking games like that?

Then they’re down 3-1.

More hiding, more words spewed at my computer screen. Because, as a fan, what can you do?

Just as all hope seems lost, the Giants came into luck and made it their own. In elimination games, at the end of every hard earned win, they gave fans a reason to believe.

It’s not 2010. Nothing can compare to 2010 — that magic’s different. It’s bottled away and alive in memories. But it’s hard not to say that the 2012 Giants don’t have their own magic.

It’s not rally red thongs or Ssory Doc, but this team has their own quirks and personalities. Ryan Vogelsong has to have his enchilada before every start. #RallyZito got the fans going. Hunter Pence gives his speeches.

The confidence the team had radiated through the crowd. Mays Field was alive and kicking orange.

What a sight to see.

And to overcome all the odds against them?

That just makes the narrative all the more interesting.

Where the Giants go from now, who knows? But it’s been one hell of a ride so far.


One thought on “The Giants Are Going To The ‘Ship

  1. This was exactly how it happened, if I wasn’t
    following them closely I wouldn’t have known
    what happened in game 5, 6 and 7. This is swell !
    Zito, Vogelsong,Cain, Romo and everyone else,
    they all shared the heavy, heavy load of being 3 – 1,
    and always in the brink of elimination each time. Talk
    about pressure ! AMAZING GIANTS .

    PS : All year long the offense was missing a lot
    of the time and now this ! AMAZING just AMAZING!

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