Baseball! Baseball! Baseball!

It’s Opening Day. Isn’t that one of the greatest things about spring? Opening Day.


The Giants are spending today, Opening Day, as the defending World Series Champions. Man. That’s fun to say.

Even better? Today’s a Beat LA kind of a day.
The Giants are down in Los Angeles at Chances Ravine, getting ready to hopefully beat those dastardly Dodgers.

Matt Cain is on the mound today, which is the most logical decision to make. Tim Lincecum, while usually the obvious choice, might have had a less than stellar 2012 and a totally meaningless spring break a factor in the decision (buy please, ignore the spring training numbers — it’s really meaningless).

So now Cain isn’t the Third Best At Best™  and will be facing Clayton Kershaw.

The Dodgers can potentially have a scary lineup this year. I mean, there’s nothing to fear but Shredded Nick Punto himself. And, man, ain’t that Josh Beckett a scary executer of pitches? He night pitch so emphatically, Punto no longer is a shredder, but shredded

All jokes aside–

Who am I kidding? I, as a Giants fan, currently have a false feeling of superiority (but let’s be real here — two championships in three years plus Matt Cain and Buster Posey contract extensions).

It’s a fun time to be a Giants fan.


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