Did y’all hear how utility infielder-turned-first baseman Joaquin Arias went 2-for-4 in last night’s game against the Dodgers?

TEAM ARIAS. Or. Well. No. (Flickr/Aunti Juli)

TEAM ARIAS. Or. Well. No. (Flickr/Aunti Juli)

In a total “NO WAI U GUISE” moment, Bruce Bochy had Arias play first. Brandon Belt was out with the flu, so I guess there was no other choice. Well, Bochy could’ve had Buster Posey play first with Hector Sanchez catching, so Arias playing first base was probably the smart decision.

Also somewhat shocking that Bochy didn’t take advantage of getting Sanchez into a game there, but I digress.

But if there is a talking head out there saying that Bochy should platoon Arias with Belt, so help me, I’m firing all of them. All the talking heads.

It’s two games into the season. Belt is sick with the flu and Arias is a utility guy who, well, was utilized as a backup.

But do you know what two games into the season means?


(If I could make that a flashing sign with arrows pointing to it, I would.)

Belt is the starting first baseman, period. Arias is a proven backup guy or … something along those lines. One good game for Arias while he’s filling in for someone who might be throwing up an Olive Garden breadstick does not mean that he should be an option at first base.

So kindly take that thought and throw it out the window. And if that thought walks up twice like a Don Mattingly mound visit, light it up.

Because it is too early for this nonsense, I tell ya. Too damn early.


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