Edwin Escobar the All-Star

For San Jose Giants lefty Edwin Escobar, the chance to represent the team as they host the annual California-Carolina League All-Star Game was a good feeling for him.

“It’s a blessing for me,” Escobar said.

The Giants, coming off a series split in Visalia, where they clinched the first half division championship, are ensured a spot in the California League playoffs this September.

“I feel like we deserve that,” Escobar said. “We came here every day working hard trying to do the best we can competing for the championship.”

Escobar said that the team has been working hard in the first half and hopes that it transposes to the second half.

“It’s a good feeling,” Escobar said. “We’ve got a great team, a good family team. We compete, we’re working hard. I feel pretty good representing this team.”

With the All-Star Break in its tail end and the second half about to start, the Giants are regaining their energy by resting before the next series.

“I think we’re gonna do the best we can,” Escobar said.


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