Why the Jeff Francoeur deal is pretty good in an awful way


Losing streak.

Batting out of lineup order.

Losing in 16 innings because of an error.

What else could possibly go wr—

Oh, hey, Jeff Francoeur, what up.

I am happy about this. Almost unironically. Can I explain it? No, not really. He’s an awful player. As it turns out, the Giants are pretty bad, too.

How does this help the Giants? Honestly, I don’t think it helps them at all. It’s not an upgrade, really. There’s really no reason to acquire a Jeff Francoeur-type, let alone the actual Jeff Francoeur.

Except for one.

I’m sure my co-writer Nathan McCurley and I are in agreement over how much we love this move for the Giants. It’s not for logical reasons, however. (…sorry, Britt.) We are, as the internet would call them, trolls. We do things for the hell of it, not necessarily for good, but we are also not Reddit trolls (they’re the evil kind who no one should associate with).

Somehow, in an awful narrative we are supposed to accept as our one and only, Francoeur is destined to be a Giant.

So now, Francoeur is a Giant. Well, technically. He’s starting his Giants career in a Fresno Grizzlies uni. There’s nothing wrong with that at all.

CSN’s Andrew Baggarly reported that the Giants will purchase Francoeur’s contract after a few days. Which, as Baggs tweeted out, has shades of Pat Burrell in 2010.

There’s no guarantee that Francoeur will be the 2013 Burrell. Hell, there’s no guarantee that Francoeur would even be replacement level. I can go dig up the numbers and show just how bad he’s been but that’s kind of futile and it probably doesn’t matter at this point.

Baseball is supposed to be fun. If I dwell on the negative, then it stops being fun. I know how that is; I’ve been there before. (Hi, 2011, I would like to never think about you again.)

So I’m embracing the Francoeur move because life and baseball can be frustrating enough without being able to laugh at how ridiculous the team you like is.

This isn’t me saying that people should just “watch the game” or they’re nerbs. I know that if I look up Francoeur’s stats, I’ll wonder why this is a thing that’s happening. I’m merely accepting the trolling potential because come on. Jeff Francoeur, San Francisco Giant. That’s some funny stuff.

Feel free to go feel however about this move for the Giants, but I, for one, know I’m gonna go spend money I don’t have on a Francoeur player tee.


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