Tim Lincecum, the no-hit freak

No, it’s not 2008. Not 2009 for that matter, either. It’s 2013 — not exactly the best year for Timmy, let alone a good year for the Giants.

(Photo by -nanio-/Flickr)

(Photo by -nanio-/Flickr)

To explain the feeling a Giants fan might have after a game like this is tough. I know I certainly can’t explain it. Too many adjectives, too many incoherent thoughts. I can tell you it was surreal to be in the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes (a Dodgers affiliate, no less) press box, watching Carlos Marmol try to close out the game for the Quakes against the Bakersfield Blaze whilst trying to watch the last three outs on my phone. (Baseball feelings, man; it’s certainly something. S’all I got to say about that experience.)

From the minute he made his debut in a Giants uniform, it seemed inevitable that Lincecum would throw a no-hitter. 2008 and 2009 went by, two Cy Youngs were won, and he flirted with no-hitters a few times to no avail. 2010, still a solid season, but no such luck; though there was more hardware in the form of a World Series ring and a trophy for the team.

2011 might’ve been the last worry-free season Giants fans had over their team’s ace. But still, nothing. A worrisome 2012. Again, no no-hitter. He showed flashes of his Cy Young self from the bullpen in the postseason, but it somehow didn’t carry over into 2013. With the way this season was going, just hoping he could go seven without giving up more than four runs would be miraculous.

Through the series of rock bottoms the Giants have faced, it seemed like there was nothing that would bring them up.

And then there was Tim.

Did anyone expect it? Nah. Come on. If anything, the Giants could’ve gotten no-hit again. That actually would’ve been more likely than a Tim Lincecum no-hitter.

Other things include:

  • A Tim Lincecum pot joke.
  • A twenty game losing streak.
  • Barry Zito growing another mustache that looks really awful.
  • The Giants carrying five catchers and no backup outfielders.
  • A man jumping head first into a shark whilst carrying a chainsaw.

Simply, it could’ve been something else.

But it wasn’t.

It was Big Time Timmy Jim being the good ol’ Freak Giants fans remember so well, throwing a no-hitter at the park where he pitched his first complete game shutout in 2008. It just seems all too fitting.

At a time when it seems like it’s the darkest moments for the Giants, you remember that baseball’s a game played 162 times for one team, and tomorrow’s another day. It may be the worst one day, but the best another day. Guys like Tim Lincecum, having an off-year or what have you, throwing the game of a lifetime.

Baseball’s an unpredictable event. Nothing’s a sure thing until the last pitch, the last out, the last win of the season. Maybe the Giants can turn things around, maybe not.

But there’s no way of knowing what’ll happen. And that’s the great thing about baseball — tomorrow’s another game, another day, another chance at history maybe.


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