About Covefficient

What is Covefficient?

Covefficient is a baseball blog written by San Francisco Giants fans.

And the name?

We like puns.

Covefficient was also once part of Aerys Sports, under the name Third Street Kings. Since May 2013, Covefficient has been its own entity.

Covefficient writers

Jen Mac Ramos

oppagamerbabestyleAn often sarcastic and pretentious student hailing from the California Central Valley, Jen Mac Ramos, who usually goes by “Mac” on the internet, has an affinity for minor league baseball. Currently, she resides in Oakland, Calif., studying English — creative writing, journalism, and economics at Mills College; she is also an editor for her school’s newspaper. She does not often speak in the third person, but knows how to speak fictional languages from Star Wars Expanded Universe. She believes in high socks (preferably striped stirrup socks), 4 x 6 reporter’s notebooks, and Bruce Springsteen. Perpetually has hands covered in newspaper ink. Her personal website can be found at http://jenmacramos.wordpress.com and you can tweet her at @jenmacramos.

Enjoys: an ironic love for awful baseball players, 20th century American literature, burritos, reappropriating bro culture for feminist purposes, pitching sabermetrics, The West Wing.

Detests: Pitcher W-L records, Coca-Cola made in the United States, small sample sizes, the fact that an art school she toured touted Ed Hardy as an alum, the fact there is no Waffle House in California, Twitter API limits.


b47a329db2ad29871fd3be479b60c3d9Redheaded advocate of defensive baseball, powered by caffeine, cupcakes, Noah Lowry feelings, and the tears of those struck out looking by pocket-sized high leverage relievers. Baseball bigamist because TOO MANY FEELINGS OKAY? (Also because David Robertson.) You will not convince me that Buster Posey is not a super hero so don’t bother trying. I spend too much time on Twitter, which you can find here.

Turn ons: Snap throws, caught stealings, basically anything involving catchers. No-dot sliders. High socks. Changeups. Tiramisu. Pitchers outperforming their xFIP. Inexplicable pitcher home runs (and also explicable ones when it’s Madison Bumgarner.)

Turn offs: Citing RBI as a measure of a player’s value. People who boo their own team. Split caps, the wave, beach balls anywhere that isn’t the beach. Using mayo in guacamole. DHs who have never and will never contribute defensively.

Guilty pleasures: Totally impractical sundresses and coordinated purses. Plotting how to send a Navy SEAL extraction team to rescue Craig Kimbrel and Brandon Beachy from the #BARVES. Mocking horrible bubblegum pop lyrics while singing along to them from memory. Terrible, terrible puns and even more obscure theatre or music references.

Reuben Poling

e10fb496151a6b487663d3946b40883fDespite his high birth among the black and orange of Mays’s Landing, the taint of bastardry condemned Reuben Poling to a cold and thankless exile in the Sound’s Watch after his twentieth name-day. While keeping his thankless vigil upon the wall, in hopes of one day seeing a run scored, he maintains his heart’s loyalty to House Sabean and the true Kings of the West. One day he will return, and take back what is his, with fire and garlic.

Likes: infield defense, forced analogies, ladies who play damage-dealing classes in D&D

Dislikes: microsplits, beers with more than three words in the name, Kevin Towers

Nitt McCurley

nathanNitt is Covefficient’s Southern California correspondent. After growing up in the Sacramento area, he moved to the Land of Dodgers and Angels in 2008 for school. He’s been working and living there ever since, and loves LA no matter what you say. However, he doesn’t get to see many Giants games, which is a drag. He is Covefficient’s resident DH advocate, much to the chagrin of his fellow blog-mates. He tolerates bad defense if it comes with great offense. He also pays close attention to prospects and the amateur draft.

Likes: Pitch F/x data, speedy outfielders, dingers (but not Dinger), whiskey, minor league scouting reports, high-strikeout starting pitchers, walks (drawing them)

Dislikes: Bad defensive catchers, paying relievers a lot of money, vodka, rain, walks (giving them up)


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