27 up, 27 down.

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Giants Recap: Giants Don’t Score. At All.

The San Francisco Giants returned home tonight for the first of six games in a seven day homestand, taking on the Texas Rangers. Yup, those guys. The two teams came into the game tied with the 3rd-highest winning percentage in MLB, at 33-25 each. Who could have predicted that?

Let’s just rip the band-aid off of this one. Here’s the starting lineup for tonight:

Yuck. Just yuck. Continue reading

Giants Recap: Efficient Edlefsen

Anthony Bass has said that he has modeled his delivery on Tim Lincecum*.  So tonight’s game is kind of like Tim vs. Tim. May the best Tim win (as long as he’s our Tim).

*True story – I actually won a ticket to tonight’s game from SI writer Jim Trotter on Twitter for knowing this, but had to forfeit on account of not actually being in San Diego for the game

And. . . . neither one gets the win. Continue reading

Giants Recap: The One Where Bumgarner’s Streak Ends

Coming into tonight, Madison Bumgarner had a streak of winning in his last 8 starts at home, dating back to August 9, 2011. By the end of the game, the streak was broken.

The Giants lost 4-1 to the St. Louis Cardinals, who didn’t even need to deploy Carlos Beltran and his barking knee to beat the home team. The team continues to be mystified by runners in scoring position, going 2-for-11 in such situations. Maybe Bam-Bam needs to have guys stand on base during batting practice, since obviously the guys have no idea how to hit in games when presented with extra guys standing around out there.

How to summarize the Giants batters tonight? Maybe something like this:

This includes two strike-outs each for Charlie Culberson, Brandon Crawford, Nate Schierholtz and Emmanuel Burriss. Yikes. Continue reading

Giants Recap: Blergh

To me it looked like this:

The Giants were bad. So very, very bad. How bad? I tried to use the game to get my reluctant 6 year old to go to sleep. Her reaction? “The Giants are so bad at playing.” It worked – after 20 minutes she said she’d rather go to bed than watch more of the bad baseball. I should have been so lucky. Continue reading

Post-game Recap: In Which a Boring Game Gets Interesting Until It Isn’t

And again. (Illustration by Mac)

Barry Zito. As soon as you start to think “Oh hey, he doesn’t suck that much”, he sucks that much.

How much, you ask? This much.

How much, you ask again? Zito also walked 7 of the 20 batters he faced. Up until now, he’d walked 6 batters in his previous 4 games. The 7 BBs is a career high. Continue reading

Post-Game Recap: Giants Sweep the Doubleheader


Madison Bumgarner made his first start against the Mets in the second game of a doubleheader tonight. And it was a good one. The Giants completed the doubleheader sweep with a score of 6-1.

For the second time today, the Giants came out swinging in the first inning. CF Gregor Blanco led off with a single, followed by a towering Pandamode HR from Pablo Sandoval for two runs. Nate Schierholtz continued his day’s hot streak with a triple*, followed by a sac fly from Hector Sanchez for another run.

*Nate would finish the game 3 for 5, and 6 for 10 for the day.

Of note, Sandoval extended his season-starting hit streak to 16, tying Willie Mays’ team record set in 1960. The Panda also has the longest current hit streak in the majors.

The Giants scored another 2 runs in the 4th inning, when Blanco’s fly ball to LF went into Jason Bay’s glove, but then right back out as Bay fell over, scoring Brett Pill and Emmanuel Burriss. When I was an assistant coach for my girls t-ball teams, I always told the kids that when the ball goes in the glove, you close the glove. Or, as we put it: “When the fish goes in the mouth, the croc snaps its jaws shut.” AND THAT’S WHY YOU DO THAT, JASON BAY. Continue reading

Post-game Recap: The One Where The SS Is Really Bad Until At The Last Second When He Isn’t

(Photo by SD Dirk/flickr)

The second game of the Phillies’ series started off with a great 91 mph pitch from Madison Bumgarner to Shane Victorino, followed promptly by an easy 6-3 grounder fielded beautifully by. . . Wait. Crap. Another E6 on Brandon Crawford. What? I’m starting to think that Crawford is going to be all bat and no glove.

Next batter, another easy 1-6 to start a double play. . . Wait. Bumgarner throws low to Crawford, resulting in a dropped ball and an E1 (although, really, Crawford should have been able to pick that one up and hang on to it).

This makes 8 games out of 11 so far this season with one or more errors by the Giants. Coming in to the game, the Giants had an MLB-leading 14 errors (thanks only to a retroactive correction of an error from last night’s game). After this game, they have an MLB-leading 16 errors. That includes 4 games with three errors in addition to tonight’s game with two. Read that tweet at the top again. The defense is going to be better than what? My 6 year old’s t-ball team? Continue reading

Post-Game Recap: The One True Opening Day

Tim Lincecum

photo by Dirk Hansen/Flickr

Oh? That’s it? The game is over? Why didn’t the Giants win? They outhit the Diamondbacks, with eleven hits to the D’backs’ seven. Of course, they also won the errors category, with three. Oh wait. That’s not winning the category. NVM. In the end, the Giants lost their Opening Day* game to the Diamondbacks by a score of 5 to 4. Tim Lincecum takes the loss, giving Ian Kennedy the win.

*the One True Opening Day, despite Bud Selig’s messed up 4 opening day schedule this season

Offensively, the Giants were not terribly offensive. They scored 4 runs, which last season would have made fans far and wide squeal with delight. Unfortunately, the Giants also gave up 5 runs, which doesn’t happen that often. And it certainly doesn’t happen that often when Tim Lincecum is pitching. Continue reading

Woody’s News Roundup Mar 29, 2012: The One Where The Giants Add A Catbox To The Ballpark

The Giants are in the midst of making a number of new upgrades to the ballpark. And also adding a catbox.

But first, the most amazing plane ever to fly:

As part of its partnership with the Giants, Virgin America will put this plane into service on April 2. Fly the beard!

Other park renovations will include urinals with window views of the city (wut?), a McCovey’s Restaurant stand (yum), removing all the concession carts on the promenade (to open up the views), an Anchor Brewery bar behind the scoreboard (yay!) and a Corona Beach Hut seating area (LOL). This is a seating area that will have sand. Like a catbox. Because of reasons, I guess. Check out @SFGiantsFans twitpics for pictures taken today of the new stuff.

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