Those Last Roster Spots

January is a slow baseball month. Last January, the Giants signed Brian Burres, Todd Linden, Wilmin Rodriguez, and Gregor Blanco. Obviously the Blanco signing turned out to be pretty important in regards to how the season went, but the point is that the major signings are over. Sorry folks, the Giants aren’t trading for Justin Upton or Giancarlo Stanton and they are going to sign Michael Bourn. The time for major roster moves has come and gone.

As I laid out in a series of posts last week, the Giants have up to three roster spots still available. There’s a spot in the bullpen, a spot for a sixth infielder, and a fifth outfielder available. Let’s run down the candidates for each spot. Continue reading


A Look At The Giants Roster: The Pitchers

I’ve taken a look at the position players, now it’s time to take a look at the pitchers.

Starting Pitchers: Tim Lincecum (probably), Matt Cain, Madison Bumgarner, Ryan Vogelsong, Barry Zito


About a week ago, Buster Olney created a bit of a hubbub amongst Giants fandom when he ranked the Giants’ rotation only the ninth-best in baseball. Here’s the thing – I’m not sure I disagree with him. Continue reading

Giants Sign Burres and Burriss, And Whiteside, Too

MLB Trade Rumors reports that the Giants have signed Brian Burres to a minor league deal. The Giants previously drafted the left-handed pitcher in the 31st round of the 2000 draft but had never pitched in San Francisco, according to that article.

The Giants have also signed infielder Emmanuel Burriss and catcher Eli Whiteside to one-year, Major League contracts. In other news, Santa Sabes is preparing his sleigh with toys and goodies to bring Carlos Beltran ba– oh, who are we kidding? The Giants organization is going to play Scrooge with the budget.