About That Bullpen

You were probably watching the game. On Monday night, Madison Bumgarner threw a gem: 7.0 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 1 BB, 5 K. The only real mistake he made was giving up a home run to world-beater Yasiel Puig in the first inning. He had thrown 107 pitches. Despite 8 hits and 4 walks off the Dodgers’ starter, Hyun-jin Ryu, the Giants had only managed to score one run, and so the game was tied at one apiece. In the top of the eighth, the Giants went down in order, and the game proceeded to the bottom of the eighth.

And Madison Bumgarner came out to pitch in the bottom of the eighth.

Why? Why would Bruce Bochy do this? Bringing in a reliever to start the eighth, rather than waiting to see if/when MadBum got in trouble, was the obvious move even as it was happening. While 107 pitches isn’t an extraordinary amount, it’s not like Bumgarner had been truly cruising. In the bottom of the seventh The Dodgers coming up to bat were Nick Punto (switch-hitter), Mark Ellis (righty), and Yasiel Puig (righty). Bringing in George Kontos to start the innings seems like it would have been a much better decision than waiting to bring him in until there were runners on first and third with none out, as would eventually be the case. Continue reading



Did y’all hear how utility infielder-turned-first baseman Joaquin Arias went 2-for-4 in last night’s game against the Dodgers?

TEAM ARIAS. Or. Well. No. (Flickr/Aunti Juli)

TEAM ARIAS. Or. Well. No. (Flickr/Aunti Juli)

In a total “NO WAI U GUISE” moment, Bruce Bochy had Arias play first. Brandon Belt was out with the flu, so I guess there was no other choice. Well, Bochy could’ve had Buster Posey play first with Hector Sanchez catching, so Arias playing first base was probably the smart decision.

Also somewhat shocking that Bochy didn’t take advantage of getting Sanchez into a game there, but I digress.

But if there is a talking head out there saying that Bochy should platoon Arias with Belt, so help me, I’m firing all of them. All the talking heads.

It’s two games into the season. Belt is sick with the flu and Arias is a utility guy who, well, was utilized as a backup.

But do you know what two games into the season means? Continue reading

NLDS Game Recap: Expletives And Crying

Giants, left, is defeated by baseball, right. (Illustration by Mac)

That sucked.

A lot of things went wrong for the Giants, and Matt Cain, as decent as he was, threw some bad pitches at the worst possible time, and there you have it. Oh, and Bruce Bochy is most definitely to blame for awful bullpen management. See: Santiago Casilla. Man, that inning was just awful.

But the offense wasn’t as bad as one would think. They were BABIP’d and BABIP’d hard. Hell, with the bases loaded, Cain hit one hard, but it was caught. Luck just wasn’t on their side.

Johnny Cueto was taken out of the game after 1/3 of an inning. Back spasms, poor guy. But the Giants — and everyone — didn’t expect that. And then they were Mat Latos’d.

Out of all the people available.

But, Mat Latos was pitching on short rest, so who knows if he’ll be able to pitch when he was scheduled to. On the KNBR Postgame Wrap, it was noted that Cueto could pitch again in this series, so who knows.

The Giants aren’t done yet. It’s only game one in a five game series. Madison Bumgarner pitches tomorrow, Buster Posey be beastin’, and the rest of the offense seemed to be adequate. All hope is not lost.

Giants Recap: Welp

Madison Bumgarner was Cained. The offense has the indecency to strand runners in scoring position when they so very much had the chance to win and it was frustrating.

Bruce Bochy also decided to have Justin Christian pinch run for Buster Posey in the later innings, but that wasn’t going to come back and bite them, nosiree. That is not going to be any kind of problem at all.

Felix Hernandez was King Felix and pitched one heck of a game.

Joe West behind the plate twice in a series just was absurd. That should never happen anywhere again.

This game recap could’ve been put through a Mad Libs generator and it would still have the same result, I think.

But, hey, Madison Bumgarner seems to be quite better than all but Matt Cain.

Y’know. Otherwise…eh.

Giants Recap: Oh, Okay, Giants, So That’s How It Is

Today, Tim Lincecum was Tim Lincecum. Which could mean one of many things, but in this case, it means that he was pretty much the same Lincecum everyone has seen this season.

And, it’s frustrating — to watch a superior pitcher do so poorly this much into the season. It’s also very easy to get frustrated by these starts.

Every Bay Area sports outlet can analyze Lincecum all they want — why he’s been terrible, what he should to to fix things, when eclipses in Gemini have been intense — and ultimately, no one will still really know what’s going on with him.

Because he will have flashes of that fantastic Cy Young winning pitcher, but one bad inning can cause everything to crumble.

What’s there for a Giants fan to do when there really isn’t much else to do?

Besides screaming at the television, smashing all keys on a keyboard, or eating It’s-Its, of course.

Otherwise, I don’t know — about Timmy and what else to do with watching his starts. It’s a fickle thing.

And Bruce Bochy double switched Aubrey Huff in to replace Brandon Belt. Huff broke up the no-hitter that was going on, but then TOOTBLAN’d hard.

I’d rather not show the evidence of it and say it didn’t happen.

Giants Recap: I Got Nothin’

casilla at-bats the best. (Photo: artolog/Flickr)

So, let’s see. This is my first recap in a week or so (thanks, vacation), and this is what you give me to work with, Giants? Sheesh.

I barely remember that Madison Bumgarner started this game. But as far as anyone’s concerned, he be beastin’ and throwin’ baseballs to win. Of course, Bruce Bochy had to go and do that thing where he leaves starters in when they shouldn’t be pitching and a reliever should be in. Then Ryan Braun hit a two-run homer to tie the game. That was sucky. But Bumgarner was still awesome.

Buster Posey hit a three-run bomb — and I mean it was absolutely crushed — in the first inning and that put the Giants on the board. Offense, y’all! You would’ve thought that they could actually have a decent offense in the game since they drew walks and hit with RISP, but then. Continue reading

Giants Recap: Matchups Suck

Or: Play in VS mode, sacks.

Tonight’s recap is brought to you by Google translator.

Bruce Bochy is that his left-handed left-handed lineup to hit there tonight can not be put,Brett Pill, because it is not a solid outfielder, it completely backfired. He is also the defense of some authorities to have something to hurt you, play it through a giant, but it is not above average outfielder. Too high.

(Bruce Bochy put his lefties can’t hit lefties lineup out there tonight and it totally backfired because Brett Pill is not a solid outfielder. He’s not even an above average outfielder, so having the matchup thing out there over having a COMPETENT DEFENSE hurt the Giants. Too much.) Continue reading

Series Preview: Beat LA…Please

BEAT LA (Photo: Jill Clardy/Flickr)

Tonight marks the first game in the season between storied rivals.

The Giants make their way to Dodger Stadium and play a three game series against, obviously, the Dodgers.

On the last series of the homestand, the Giants managed to take the series from the Brewers. But now, the probable starters don’t seem as menacing as it could be:

Barry Zito vs. Ted Lilly
Ryan Vogelsong vs. Clayton Kershaw
Tim Lincecum vs. Chad Billingsley

Again, not menacing.

If Perfectly Acceptable Zito shows up tonight, then all the better. But Zitonian Zito showed up last time around, going 3 2/3 innings and walking seven. SEVEN. That’s not what you want going up against a red-hot Dodgers team who, apparently, cannot find ways to lose ground in the NL West race.

But, hey, Zito’s numbers can’t look all that bad, can it? Let’s look at his ERA/FIP/xFIP.


/takes glasses off

//stares at computer screen

///flips table and drops mic

But, hey, SIERA of 5.29!

Uh. Welp. Let’s see who else the Giants have going for them. Continue reading