ZOMG BREAKING: Kershaw Scratched, Giants Have Chance

And now the Giants interrupt your regularly scheduled handegg contest with these important messages.


Can you imagine that? Barry Zito versus Joe Blanton on ESPN? And a big rivalry game like this?

Giants and Dodgers best be trollin’ the nation here. They best be trollin’.


Giants Recap: Duel of the Fates

Madison Bumgarner: nice to children, but not the Dodger children. (Photo: imovermyhead/Flickr)

I’m going to start you off with a mind-blowing piece of trivia from the always-excellent Giants Nirvana:

Holy crap, people. Holy crap. We are living in an age of baseball wonders, and two of those wonders are Clayton Kershaw and Madison Bumgarner. Kershaw, of course, is an unspeakable creature of Mordor, with nothing but spite and bile in his heart, as with all Dodgers. But the man can pitch, and pitch he did, contributing his half of the twenty strikeouts and making Buster Posey in particular look pretty silly. It was going to take a miraculous effort to scratch anything across, and while we’ll come back to that in a second, the corollary was that the inexplicably functional Dodgers offense was going to have to be shut down.

And right on cue, Madison Bumgarner. 23-years-old, walking less than two batters a game this season, and spending the dawn of his career casually working the inside corner against right-handed hitters like it ain’t no thang. Tonight, if there was a thang, it was nowhere within Bumgarner’s vicinity. He pounded the corners with his fastball, jammed hitters into feeble groundouts, and relied mostly on an absolutely murderous slider (with even more movement than usual, it seemed) to get nine swinging strikeouts. There was also a strikeout looking, too. It was Hanley Ramirez (on a slider that didn’t dive into the dirt!). That’s never not funny. Continue reading

Giants Recap: Dodgers Shut Out in SF Twice For First Time Since Late Cretaceous*

Challenge accepted. (Photo: Jill Clardy/Flickr)

I almost don’t want to spoil how good that win feels by talking about the details too much, so I won’t.

The Dodgers lost. The Giants won. Clayton Kershaw pitched and gave up earned runs at AT&T Park for the first time since roughly the Reagan administration. Ryan Vogelsong was one bad mother. Melky Cabrera hit the snot out of the ball. Buster Posey continued to have his Havin’ It Meter set to “ain’t”. It was good. It was real good.

Fingers crossed for another Happy Lincecum Day tomorrow and a move into first place.


*The last time the Dodgers were shut out in back to back games in San Francisco was August 15-16, 1987

Giants Recap: Blergh

To me it looked like this:

The Giants were bad. So very, very bad. How bad? I tried to use the game to get my reluctant 6 year old to go to sleep. Her reaction? “The Giants are so bad at playing.” It worked – after 20 minutes she said she’d rather go to bed than watch more of the bad baseball. I should have been so lucky. Continue reading