Giants Recap: Entire Giants Lineup Gives Rockies Reasonable Amount Of What-for

Matt Cain because Matt Cain. (Photo: rocor/Flickr)

On any day where the Giants’ offense does reasonably well, usually there’s a hitter of the game or two to talk about – the guy who got on base 4 times, the guy who hit an RBI single at just the right time, the guy who got a splash homer if the Giants ever manage to do that again, and so on. Today was weird. Everyone contributed, getting on base and hitting with runners in scoring position. I think the entire starting lineup besides Cain scored at least once. Nobody really had a monster game, but the Giants combined into a Voltron of competence, and it turns out that when everyone in your lineup hits a baseball pretty good, the results are kinda awesome.

So let’s talk about Matt Cain. Going into this start, Cain’s numbers since El Perfecto were not Cain-like. 6.3 innings per start, which is good; 46 K/16 BB, which is less good but actually right in line with his career numbers pre-2012; and a .790 OPS against and 4.4 ERA, which is pretty crappy. 10 dingers was the weird, scary key here. Between his pitching and the Giants’ hitting in the mid-2000s, it took Matt Cain two full seasons in MLB before he understood what a home run was. Suddenly he’s giving them up like Armando Benitez in Coors Field on the moon. Has Matt Cain’s dinger-suppression luck run out? you had to ask yourself. Continue reading


Series Preview: Giants vs. Rockies

So, the last time the Giants faced the Rockies, it was in Colorado. And a boatload of runs were scored by the Giants. It could’ve been a combination of it being Coors and the Rockies being horrible this season, but who knows? And no Giants fan would be complaining, I would think.

Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, and Barry Zito will be starting in this series. They will not face Jonathan Sanchez, who is on the disabled list for suckitis left bicep tendinitis. Man, that brings back memories of 2011.

The last homestand was awful, but their road trip was not: they went 5-2 and managed to collect 84 hits and score 57 runs. I did not even know it was possible for the Giants to do that, but there you have it. Whether or not they manage to do the same thing at home remains the question.

I’ve heard that it’s possible Pablo Sandoval will be activated from the disabled list this Sunday, with his rehab in San Jose starting tonight. So, all shall see what happens there.

Oh, and it’s #PerfectCain tribute night. Because everyone needs more Matt Cain in their lives.

That was totally serious. Matt Cain should rule all and everything.

Giants Recap: A Sweep! An Actual Sweep!

It could be because the Rockies are just a horrible team. Or maybe it’s just Coors.

But damn it all if this wasn’t a fun series to watch.

Tim Lincecum was not the best, but he also was not his 2012 self, so that is good. Six innings, five hits, one run, five walks, three strikeouts. Less walks and more strikeouts would’ve been nice, but this is Coors and beggars can’t be choosers, I suppose.

Miguel Cabrera. Man. He’s been fun to watch this season, hasn’t he? Throwing out runners, hitting home runs, being a general trollface. He went 2-for-5 with three runs scored and a stolen base. And that outfield assist. Melky, you guys. Melky.

And Hunter Pence wasn’t too shabby today — also going 2-for-5, but with three RBI. Maybe that’s just what the Giants need right now. Heck, that’s what the Giants need all the time: a guy who’s got good stats and is not Aaron Rowand in the outfield.

I could try to understand how they managed to score over thirty runs this weekend, but maybe it’s best to not understand it. Maybe it should just be reveled in and understood as, “Hey. It’s a thing that the Giants might be capable of doing from time to time.”

If only it was also a constant thing against teams not named the Rockies and at parks not named Coors Field.

Giants Recap: What Is This Dingerized Madness

As I took in this sporting contest, I found myself confronting a slowly creeping sense of dread, similar to the mood built during the third act of a penny-dreadful or “thriller” moving picture. This is a sensation familiar to anyone who has experienced what the denizens of Denver mockingly refer to as Base-Ball, which looks deceptively like the game enjoyed by the rest of this great nation but contains explosions of run-scoring offensive to true Base-Ball Enthusiasts. At any time, otherwise innocent pitches can find their trajectory suddenly reversed and heightened, transformed into the abominable “Home Run.” Truly, what horrors hath science wrought? Continue reading

Post-game Recap: Giants Continue to Not See the Error of their Ways

We're gonna need to get used to this one. I'm so sorry.

Fourteen errors. Or three. I don’t even know. Leaving the bases loaded. Giving up a home run to stupid Marco Scutaro and his stupid face in the ninth. This one wasn’t pretty. I may have to borrow from our friends over at Second Place Is Not An Option and come up with a theme for cheerful distractions in lieu of recaps of losses.

But hey, seems like Joaquin Arias isn’t utterly broken, at least?

Madison Bumgarner takes on Jaime Garcia and the Cardinals tomorrow. I kinda want to hide.


Post-game Recap: Giants Grit Teeth And Hang On

The Giants and the Rockies have a weird relationship. I don’t know that they’ve often been rivals, competing head-to-head in the same season, but they’re always orbiting around each other. One’s playing spoiler for the other, or they’re both chasing the wild card only to fall short, or the Rockies can’t win a single frigging game against the Atlanta Braves and the world collapses around my 7 year-old self.

Anyway, I’ve always found wins against the Rockies to be satisfying for some ephemeral reason. Maybe it’s all that Coors Field trauma. First-round pick Christian Friedrich embarrassed the Giants on his first go-round through the lineup, but he was unable to join the hallowed ranks of “random rookies who have totally dominated SF’s lineup,” because no sir Gregor Blanco was not having any of that. Blanco is probably going to be the leadoff hitter for a while now, and I’m okay with that. Especially if he keeps inexplicably crushing dingers.

(Seriously, watch that clip if you didn’t see it, Blanco hit the crud out of it. In fact, watch it if you did see it. I’ll still be here.)

Ryan Vogelsong did not look sharp, but he wriggled out of trouble and retired ten straight to end the game, so it was the Jekkyl side of the “Giants pitcher struggles early” standard. Brett Pill looked positively awful for most of the night and then some idiot threw him a fastball and he smoked it, because Brett Pill eats fastballs like mere mortals eat nachos. Turned out that insurance run was really important, so good on him, but still, he had some bad ABs. I mean, wow. Brandon Belt is still alive, etc.

In the interests of completion, I should also add that that Buster Posey guy’s pretty good, and that Sergio Romo faced his daily allotment of one batter and made poor Michael Cuddyer rethink this entire “baseball” thing for at least a few minutes. Yeesh.

That last inning, man. I almost had to rewrite this stupid thing. A little sloppiness from Casilla, a defensive lapse from Arias (who promptly made up for it!), and suddenly it’s a whole ‘nother ballgame. If Troy Tulowitzki hadn’t gotten beaned by one of his own teammates, we’re probably still playing. But hey, whatever, baseball gods, we’ll take it. It worked for the 2010 Giants, it’ll work now. Timmy goes tomorrow to try to sweep a stupid two-game series.

Series Preview: Giants Come Home To Face Rocks

The Giants, with a record of .500, are coming back home to begin a three series homestand. It starts off with a two game series with the Colorado Rockies.

Of course, the Giants are basically now the Grizzlies with their recent lineups.

For example, yesterday’s lineup:

Blanco, RF
Arias, 3B
Cabrera, Me, LF
Pill, 1B
Pagan, CF
Sanchez, H, C
Culberson, 2B
Crawford, SS
Zito, P

This is all for the chemistry, of course. Because the Giants have terrible clubhouse atmosphere and the Grizzlies are so above them.


For the love of everything, Giants, please don’t embarrass yourself in front of the team that routinely has Dinger behind home plate at Coors.

Post-Game Recap: Giants Lose 17-8 , Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

Tim Lincecum couldn’t get out of the third inning and gave up six runs. The Giants scored seven runs in an inning and sent eleven batters to the plate (which meant Lincecum was off the hook for the loss). Ryan Theriot played left field. Brett Pill managed to make two errors in a single, Gameday destroying play. Buster Posey, a late scratch, you’ll remember, due to a case of shingles, pinch hit. Nate Schierholtz hit two home runs in his first start of the year. The Rockies didn’t hit a single home run. I could keep going, but I’m just going to refer you to the above image, finish my beer, and go to bed grateful that I’m no longer watching the baseball equivalent of a dentist’s drill.

Tomorrow’s a fresh start, right?

Series Preview: Giants Make Their Way To Coors

Photo by Scott Ableman/Flickr

So the Giants are going to Colorado following a disastrous start to the season.

(But remember, folks, it’s only three games into the season and it’s still April.)

Barry Zito is pitching today for the Giants, so the narrative-mobile isn’t exactly telling people to eat its dust. He’ll be facing Jhoulys Chacin today.

After a bizarre offday in the middle of a series (seriously, Bud Selig, what is up with this?), Tim Lincecum starts for the Giants against Jeremy Guthrie.

In the finale of the series, Madison Bumgarner goes up against, of course, none other than Jamie Moyer.

The narrative-mobile is kicking tires here and it will be very happy if/when Moyer throws that no-hitter/perfect game against the Giants, of course.

Giants, just win a game. That’s really all anyone can ask at this point, I think.

Today’s lineup at Coors via Baseball Press after the jump.  Continue reading