Giants Recap: Matchups Suck

Or: Play in VS mode, sacks.

Tonight’s recap is brought to you by Google translator.

Bruce Bochy is that his left-handed left-handed lineup to hit there tonight can not be put,Brett Pill, because it is not a solid outfielder, it completely backfired. He is also the defense of some authorities to have something to hurt you, play it through a giant, but it is not above average outfielder. Too high.

(Bruce Bochy put his lefties can’t hit lefties lineup out there tonight and it totally backfired because Brett Pill is not a solid outfielder. He’s not even an above average outfielder, so having the matchup thing out there over having a COMPETENT DEFENSE hurt the Giants. Too much.) Continue reading


Woody’s News Roundup: The Giants Make Moves

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The official Giants twitter tweeted some disabled list updates today:

#SFGiants place Eric Surkamp, Dan Runzler and Freddy Sanchez all on DL, retroactive to 3/26. Ryan Vogelsong placed on DL, retro to 3/27

Alex Pavlovic reports that Mike Fontenot has been placed on release waivers:

The Giants placed Mike Fontenot on release waivers Friday, just before his contract was about to become fully guaranteed. The move saves the Giants about $787,000 and all but locks up a roster spot for fellow LSU grad and middle infielder Ryan Theriot.

I can just hear it now: “Starting at second base, Emmanuel Burriss!”

Oh, how great this season will be.

Emmanuel Burriss: Opening Day 2B. Or, Don’t Do This To Us, Giants.

As tweeted by Jayson Stark this morning:

Giants telling teams today they’re shopping Ryan Theriot & Mike Fontenot. Possible fit for Braves & Phillies.

And followed up with a tweet from Alex Pavlovic:

Giants have 6 days until Theriot, Font contracts are fully guaranteed. If they’re shopping them, looks like Burriss will be opening day 2B.

There are so many things wrong with this, I don’t know where to start.

Okay, well, first of all, here’s a mind-numbing number, as tweeted by Julian Levine of Giants Nirvana:

Emmanuell Burriss has a 44 OPS+ in 127 games since 2009.

(If you’re not familiar with OPS+, read Megan Wells’ entry about it on Around the Horn.)

So. A 44 OPS+ in 127 games. Remember that 100 is league average. And any number that creates a huge gap between itself and 100 is generally ugly.

But let’s focus on career numbers that are much more positive, shall we?

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A Contract Is Tendered For Fontenot, A Member Of The Shire

Ben Nicholson-Smith of MLB Trade Rumors reports:

Giants, Mike Fontenot agree to one-year deal for 2012, avoiding arbitration I have learned.

One more year of Fontenot? FonteYES!

This move also means that Jeff Keppinger will likely be non-tendered.

UPDATE: Andrew Baggarly reports that Jeff Keppinger and Eli Whiteside have been non-tendered.

Giants Show That They Are Not The MLB Mystery Team

As reported by Andrew Baggarly, the Giants are out of the running to sign Carlos Beltran. Cody Ross, as well. Though it seemed like a long shot for either to come back, Zack Wheeler is likely still a chilled guy.

Now the organization will have to decide between keeping Jeff Keppinger or Mike Fontenot. On one hand, Keppinger is still Keppinger and Fontenot is on a mission to return the ring to Mordor with his pal Samwise Gamgee.

John Shea reports that the payroll is at $130 million. As Baggarly tweeted, the payroll is already maxed out.

How the rest of the offseason will play out for the Giants will be interesting. However, the #FreeBrandonBelt hashtag will likely have to make a comeback.

Alex Gonzalez Latest Potential Shortstop Courted By Giants

Ah, the wonders of the internet during the off-season. Gone are the days when no one knew about deals until they were done an we could all live in blissful ignorance of the potentially stupid moves the front office contemplated. The latest example? Multiple reports today that the Giants are in on Alex Gonzalez.

There is an upside to this potential deal.  He’s an extremely solid defender with a little pop who could platoon with Brandon Crawford, who has struggled seriously against left handed pitching.

That said, Gonzalez made $2.5M last year which, while really a pretty reasonable amount, could easily balloon with the insane way the middle infielder market has gone this Winter. He’s also close to 35 and posted just a 4.6% walk rate in 2011. For a one year deal, the Giants could probably do worse, but it certainly isn’t a move that would be any notable improvement. In fact, looking at the splits, it might also be better to let Mike Fontenot start against lefties, given that he has pretty reasonable left/right splits all things considered.

But hey, it’s all still rumors, obviously. Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up and find that Sabes and Co. have pulled off some totally reasonable trade to snatch J.J. Hardy from the Orioles. I mean a girl can hope, right?

Romo’s Scoreless Streak Snapped By Wave, Giants Still Win

Sergio Romo’s 21.2 inning scoreless streak, dating back to June, was snapped tonight in the eighth inning by a tragic, meaningless outbreak of a horrible disease on the shores of McCovey Cove — THE WAVE.

Okay, so maybe a bit hyperbolic to draw a correlation there, but both statements are true. Sergio Romo did in fact give up an earned run in the eighth and the entirety of AT&T Park was doing the wave at the time. This is why we can’t have nice things, Giants fans! Let this be a lesson to us all.

In complete seriousness though, in his final start of the season, Ryan Vogelsong pitched another gem, with a final line of 7IP, 4H, 0BB, 4K, 0ER. He had to pitch himself out of a few jams early on, but as has come to be expected, he maintained his composure and did more than keep the Giants in the game.  Sergio Romo and the wave followed in the eighth, followed by Santiago Casilla in to close for Brian Wilson, who according to the post-game press conference is being shut down for the season.

Mike Fontenot gave most of the offensive thump with a two-run triple in the third, which, if you’ve been following this season, is not as bizarre as it sounds, and then scored on a Brett Pill sac fly to erase the run given up in The Great Wave Debacle of 2011.  Pablo Sandoval also laid down a beauty of a bunt, lefty on lefty, after Bochy’s attempted deke by putting DeRosa on deck failed.

The Giants won on a final score of 3-1.

Vogelsong, Defense Best The Dodgers In A True Laugher

Ryan Vogelsong began the game with two perfect innings, before two batters reached in the third via a walk and an error. That error proved to be costly as Miguel Tejada was taken out of the game because a lower abdominal strain. Brandon Crawford took Tejada’s place in the lineup and no later than one inning after entering the game, he turned a double play that prevented the Dodgers from scoring a run.

The offense was quiet for the first three innings, showing no life and stranding runners in scoring position. However, Pablo Sandoval broke the nil-nil tie in the fourth with a beautiful home run to right center field. Following that sample flash of what could be an offense, a two-out single by Cody Ross was left stranded on base.

Though not as sharp as most would hope, Vogelsong battled through the baserunners and pitching from the stretch to get the outs. The Houdini act Vogelsong pulled can also be attributed to the infield defense, turning key double plays to get out of jams.

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Battle Of The Disabled Lists

With all the injuries the Giants have suffered this season, they might as well be likened to the Oakland A’s — a team known for their absurd use of the disabled list.

This weekend, in the final three games of the yearly Bay Bridge series, the two teams hanging on by journeymen and bench players, the two rivals square off in what may be a shocker for the Bay.

And by “shocker,” it either means that the Giants will prove to have an offense or the A’s will actually win a game. It’s never too optimistic for Bay Area sports fans when it comes to baseball. Well, despite that whole winning-a-World-Series thing.

For the A’s, starters Dallas Braden, Brandon McCarthy, Brett Anderson, and Tyson Ross are all on the DL. As is second baseman Mark Ellis and zombie pitcher Rich Harden.

In the black and orange corner, infielders Brandon Belt, Freddy Sanchez, Mike Fontenot, and Mark DeRosa are all on the DL. Starter Barry Zito is also placed on the list of those who are disabled, along with Darren Ford and one Gerald Posey.

Who will be the victor? Who’s the best around? as the Double Stuf Racing League theme goes.

On the other hand, with all these injuries roaming around, it might just be best for these two teams to face each other in a DSRL battle. Nah? Moving on, then.

It will be a battle in the Bay, indeed. You have a starter here, and a position player there, and a zombie waiting to be released into the wilderness of Mount Davis.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the series just ends in a choreographed Thriller routine.

Buster Posey, Mike Fontenot, Darren Ford To DL; Brandon Belt, Brandon Crawford, and Chris Stewart Called Up

In the most devastating news a Giants fan will hear in the post-World Series win era, Buster Posey will be going on the disabled list following last night’s collision at home plate.

Per Carl Steward:

#SFGiants officially state Posey has lower leg fracture in placing him on DL. MRI to determine any other damage.

Mike Fontenot has also been placed on the disabled list after exiting the game last night with a groin injury. Darren Ford, who was previously listed as day-to-day with an ankle sprain has also been placed on the disabled list.

Infielder Ryan Rohlinger and pitcher Henry Sosa, both in Triple A Fresno, have been designated for assignment to make room on the 40 man roster for Chris Stewart and Brandon Crawford.