Matt Cain To Appear On Mythbusters

Matt Cain with the Mythbusters gang (from Tory Belleci’s twitter)

So, in perhaps what may be the greatest news I have personally heard all day, Mythbuster Tory Belleci tweeted out some photos of the Giants’ own MATT. CAIN. on the Mythbusters set.

Mythbusters, for those who are unaware and my goodness, by the power vested in Willie Mays, may Matt Cain force you to watch this show, is a show that utilizes science and blowing s&#! up to prove whether or not myths can be achieved or if it’s just a myth.

Here are Tory’s tweets.


I mean, the look on MATT CAIN’s face is the look of a man who is MATT CAIN and also happy to be there.

Mythbuster’s Kari Byron also tweeted photos out.


Careful, Kari, please don’t break Matt Cain’s face.

Now, the only questions are: when will this episode air and where can I get a Mythbusters jersey/baseball cap?