2013 Giants ZiPS Projections – Pitchers


A week ago, I tackled the hitters. Now it’s the pitchers’ turn. For the pitching staff I’ll be guessing whether they’ll be UNDER or OVER their projected ERA+.

Matt Cain: 125 ERA+ in 2012, projected 121 ERA+ in 2013. What is there to say about Matt Cain? He’s the rock of the staff, the unquestioned team ace. He’s the Opening Day starter. He’s gotten better each of the last three seasons, and in 2012 posted a career high in strikeouts and a career low in walks. He’s never made fewer than 31 starts in any full season, or thrown less than 190 innings. I’ll confidently predict the OVER on his projection. Continue reading


Giants Non-Roster Invitees And An Interesting Development

Yesterday, the Giants announced the full list of non-roster invitees (NRIs) to major league training camp. NRIs are players who aren’t on the 40-man roster who nevertheless will start spring training with the major league squad.

Spring Training at Scottsdale Stadium

This may not sound like big news, and it isn’t, for the most part. However, every year one of these guys sneaks on to the roster and ends up contributing in a big way. Continue reading

Hunter Pence, Buster Posey, Others Avoid Arbitration

Last Friday was the deadline for teams and players eligible for arbitration to exchange salary figures for their arbitration hearings, and as with every year, there was a flurry of signings on that date in order to avoid the hearings. The Giants had seven arb-eligible players this year: Joaquin Arias, Gregor Blanco, Santiago Casilla, Jose Mijares, Hunter Pence, Buster Posey, and Sergio Romo.

The team has, so far, come to agreements with four of them, and Sergio Romo and Joaquin Arias exchanged figures with the team. It’s worth pointing out that both Arias and Romo will almost certainly sign contracts before their hearings. The Giants almost never let arbitration cases go all the way to hearing – they’ve only gone to six hearings since the arbitration process started in the mid-’70s. Continue reading

A Look At The Giants Roster: The Pitchers

I’ve taken a look at the position players, now it’s time to take a look at the pitchers.

Starting Pitchers: Tim Lincecum (probably), Matt Cain, Madison Bumgarner, Ryan Vogelsong, Barry Zito


About a week ago, Buster Olney created a bit of a hubbub amongst Giants fandom when he ranked the Giants’ rotation only the ninth-best in baseball. Here’s the thing – I’m not sure I disagree with him. Continue reading

A Three Year Deal For Santiago Casilla



And also from Pavlovic:

The deal includes a club/vesting option for a fourth year and is pending a physical. According to Janie McCauley of the Associated Press, the deal is worth $15 million over the first three years.

$15 million could also get you approximately 4,285,714.29 cases of Mylanta if the average retail price is $3.50.* Continue reading

NLDS Game Recap: Expletives And Crying

Giants, left, is defeated by baseball, right. (Illustration by Mac)

That sucked.

A lot of things went wrong for the Giants, and Matt Cain, as decent as he was, threw some bad pitches at the worst possible time, and there you have it. Oh, and Bruce Bochy is most definitely to blame for awful bullpen management. See: Santiago Casilla. Man, that inning was just awful.

But the offense wasn’t as bad as one would think. They were BABIP’d and BABIP’d hard. Hell, with the bases loaded, Cain hit one hard, but it was caught. Luck just wasn’t on their side.

Johnny Cueto was taken out of the game after 1/3 of an inning. Back spasms, poor guy. But the Giants — and everyone — didn’t expect that. And then they were Mat Latos’d.

Out of all the people available.

But, Mat Latos was pitching on short rest, so who knows if he’ll be able to pitch when he was scheduled to. On the KNBR Postgame Wrap, it was noted that Cueto could pitch again in this series, so who knows.

The Giants aren’t done yet. It’s only game one in a five game series. Madison Bumgarner pitches tomorrow, Buster Posey be beastin’, and the rest of the offense seemed to be adequate. All hope is not lost.

Giants Recap: Bullpen Bails Out Zito

Kontos holds it down. (photo: flickr/SD Dirk)

The Giants played the Astros today. There’s probably one guy you’ve heard of who was in today’s lineup. Literally one. He’s the one who has become a unit of measurement. Yeah, that one.

Given that, it’s kind of hard to muster much to say about a game against the Astros, where they sent out arguably their worst starter and the Giants sent out Barry Zito. There was a game. Of baseball. It took nine innings. The Giants won. Yup.

But alright, anyone who follows me on Twitter or has talked to me recently knows of my seat at the front of the George Kontos bandwagon, and today was everything I could have hoped for. 2.2 innings of relief, including getting out of Zito’s jam after he got pulled early, eight up, eight down, and a totally respectable at-bat, all adding up to his first big league win.

Other things of note:

  • Hunter Pence hit a three-run home run, just his second as a Giant
  • Guillermo Mota is back in action after serving his suspension
  • Santiago Casilla looked pretty good
  • lol Zito
  • lol Astros

Giants attempt to avoid avoiding the sweep tomorrow evening with Ryan Vogelsong vs. Jordan Lyles.

Giants Recap: Blood On The Tracks

If there were a way this game could be one of the worst this season, the Giants have found every possible way.

This was not Ryan Vogelsong’s best start and his defense was not behind him tonight. It’s as plain and simple as that.

Brad Penny, as all have come to know by now, is absolutely not a major league reliever. Six runs in two innings is not necessarily some of the most reassuring stats, but alas. It is what it is and the Penny the Giants picked up was heads down.

It’s also very telling that I am writing this recap in the 7th inning. Continue reading

Giants Recap: Mets Out-Giants The Giants Who Mets’d

What Giants baseball does to fans. (MS Paint illustration by Mac)

This was a game in which both teams tried to hand the game to each other, but no one took it.

This was a game in which both teams tried to be worse than the other team, and it kept going on.

Sergio Romo was not his best, but that’s no reason to panic. But people will.

Santiago Casilla was still himself, so that’s nothing new.

The Giants offense proved themselves to be somehow competent enough to score seven runs, but they still lost. They also left 15 men on base, which is not entirely encouraging.

And also, Scott Hairston. Man, what does a gal have to do to never see this guy face the Giants again? Those two home runs were downright annoying.

But in the end, this game is up there in frustrating levels like the one against the Braves. That a game equally, if not more, that frustrating occurred again in the same season — let alone the same month — is complete and utter clownshoes.

At least the Giants are good at that*.

Hey, the trade deadline’s in a little more than 12 hours from now. That’s gonna be swell**.

*stocking up on Excedrin Migraine and Headache and ice cream
**more Excedrin Migraine and Headache will be necessary


There are two options I can pick from for this recap.

  2. I can post the following image five times and then drink copious amounts of soda and then set the following image as a gif and make it run around a ballpark with its eyes acting like googly eyes.

But really, I just don’t have any words for this game. I can’t even begin to go through the box score and try to pick the highlights from it to snark about because I still can’t even comprehend what just happened.

I think it started with a rain delay. Maybe about six hours ago. Then it was this pitchers duel and the Giants couldn’t even get a friggin’ hit but there you go. The Giants got hits. Lots of ’em. Or, enough to win the game. Continue reading